First Snow Day of Second Grade

The school district had already called the two-hour delay the night before, so I was already planning to drop Connor off at the centralized before-school Extended Time location used for weather delays and cancellations. As it happens, I overslept like stupid, so we hadn’t left the house yet when my pocket buzzed with a school cancellation notice.

I decided to work from home and let Connor have an actual snow day.

I used part of my lunch hour to go watch Connor play in the snow.

After lunch, I went back to doing actual work. Mei was super confused about why all of her humans were at home.

Connor played Atari with his Dad for a little while before he went out by himself to play in the snow. I finally called him back inside at 5:00pm, at sunset, and he still asked me why he had to come in.

I’m glad I threw Connor a bone and let him stay home for an honest-to-goodness snow day. He had a total blast.