How Does Your Garden Grow? Part 3: Cottage Garden, Autumn 2015

I recorded and edited this video back in November, and somehow forgot to post it here. Seems appropriate, as I’m perusing seed catalogs and choosing additional plants for my future cottage garden, to post the state of the garden as it was before winter hit.

For those who would prefer to read than to watch: I transplanted a volunteer viburnum, divided a white peony from the north fence into many more pieces than I’d intended, and planted dozens of pink peony-flowering tulips.

The color scheme, for now, will be pink and white, with a hint of blue from the hydrangeas (when they decide to grace us with blooms, that is). I’m very much looking forward to creating a space that’s my own, as opposed to the other beds, where I feel I’m maintaining someone else’s creation. They’re quite nice, don’t get me wrong, but it’s taking me a long time to feel like they’re mine.

For now, though, I’m dreaming of spring and hoping that all those tulips come up like gangbusters.

How Does Your Garden Grow? Part 2: My Cottage Garden

I’m seriously stoked about planning out my cottage garden in what used to be “the jungle” in front of the garage, so much so that I spontaneously got out my iPhone 6 and made a short video about it.

I’ve come a long way, garden-wise, since my last gardening video blog post (I refuse to use the term “vlog”) two years ago. Everything is under control, nothing looks too neglected, and I feel like I’m in a good place to add some low-maintenance plants to the mix.

On the technical side: I do need to remember that the road noise sounds worse on video than it does in my head, though, and speak up when I’m recording.

Also, iMovie on iOS is a much better video editing app than I would have expected. The last time I used iMovie was when it first came out, back when I was in college, and using it as compared to the advanced Media 100 software I was used to seemed hamfisted and clunky and inflexible. iMovie for iOS feels like an easy-to-use app that has all the features one would need to edit together some basic shots. I approve.

The Garage Flower Bed

I have the opportunity to put together pretty much a whole new flower bed.

There are still a few plants in the front of the bed — gooseneck loosestrife, hydrangeas, a shrub rose, some spring bulbs and alliums, some lilies, jumpseed, geraniums, and my poor Andromeda that got hacked to the ground and is coming back. That’s maybe the front third of the bed.

The Garage Bed in May, before the Maypop took over.

The Garage Bed in May, before the Maypop took over.