I Grow Weary of Weekly Diet Updates

Maybe I just had a bad week. Maybe it’s because it’s almost “that” time of month. Either way, I gained steadily over the course of the week, and lost a lot of ground. I’m hoping it’s only cyclical, but it still gets me down.

I’m not saying “screw the diet,” but I’m saying screw the updates. It’s disheartening to post every damn week and see fucking nothing happening. Whatever.

I’m not journaling my food intake this week, but I’m addicted to daily weigh-ins now. I’ll keep up with my weight chart in Excel, but… meh. I get so excited when I’m doing well (like, the two weeks before this past week), but I take huge steps backward when I’m not doing so well.

Whatever. My 2006 New Years Resolution has gone to shit.

Reference earlier post about my piss-tastic mood today. I’m gonna see if I can make myself go to bed early.