Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: March 2017

The mercury rose unseasonably high in February here in northwest Ohio, Zone 6, and I feared for some of my earliest risers. In what I’ve dubbed the Early Spring Border, where I can see muscari and daffodils and hyacinths and alliums from my kitchen window, things are definitely moving along earlier than usual — but, thankfully, in this border, only one very early blooming dwarf iris felt the wilty brunt of this week’s snow.

Dwarf Iris

This is what it looked like on February 25. Today, it’s a sad, floppy thing.

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day; March 2017

This hyacinth is ready to do its thing.

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day; March 2017

Peonies in front, alliums in back.

I planted some tulips and crocuses in the peony border a couple autumns ago. I hadn’t realized at the time that I’d want the crocuses closer to the house so I could enjoy them — I only got over to see them today, after they’d already bloomed and then wilted under the brief snow.

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day; March 2017

(I also clearly have some winter weeds to deal with.)

There are also some yellow crocuses in an odd spot visible from my dining room window. I keep forgetting to move them to someplace nicer. At any rate, they’ve been first to bloom ever since we moved into this house several years ago, and they did the same this year… except, of course, the cluster of yellow blooms is all cold and floppy.

Most of my borders still look something like this:

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day; March 2017

Daffodil foliage jutting out of the inch or two of snow on the ground, with peonies in the background.

I didn’t get any pictures, but the forsythia is beginning to bloom, as well, under the snow.

Indoors, the African violet is still sporting the very same blooms it had last month, and all the normal houseplants are keeping me company. Mostly, though, I’m excited about the seedlings sprouting in the basement, both edible and ornamental.

Thanks to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for hosting Bloom Day on the 15th of each month!

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