Christmas 2016 Slideshow

We invited our family to join us in our home on Christmas Eve for dinner and presents. On Christmas Day, Aaron and Connor and I opened presents at home and went to our favorite Chinese restaurant for traditional Christmas Day dim sum.

Enjoy this slideshow of photos taken by both myself and my Mom (Grammy), and Happy New Year!

Christmas 2016

Changed the month on my wall calendar at work just now. My Memaw would have said that’s bad luck. She had lots of interesting superstitions.

A Day at the Fair

August 6, 2016: Connor’s first county fair. We’d missed our own county’s fair, so we took Connor to the fair in the next county south, in the town where Aaron and I had both attended college.

Wood County Fair, 6 Aug 2016

We arrived and parked in the field across the street. The afternoon started out rocky when I realized that I’d applied sunscreen to Connor’s neck at home, then put the sunscreen back down on the counter instead of in my purse. We also had only a certain amount of cash on hand, hoping that would be enough.

Connor had some preconceived ideas about what a fair was all about: some animals, but mostly rides and balloons and snacks. When we stepped out onto the midway, he was clearly overwhelmed. We managed to get him to walk through one of the barns and look at the cows, but he really only had eyes for the Ferris wheel.

We purchased enough tickets to get him a few rides, then he picked Daddy to ride with him on the Ferris wheel.

Wood County Fair, 6 Aug 2016

Grammy’s July Visit: A Slideshow

My Mom (aka Grammy) came to visit last month, and we had a great time at the Toledo Zoo, among other things. I’ve posted to a Flickr album all the best photos from her Canon EOS Rebel T3, my 35mm Canon AE-1, and my iPhone 6.

If your browser supports it, view the slideshow below. Otherwise, head over to Flickr and check out our pics!

Grammy's Visit July 2016

To Grandmother’s House We Went

As my mother repeatedly pointed out, Connor had a lot of “firsts” during our trip to Dayton last month, not the least of which was his first overnight stay in a hotel.

Mom arrived at my house around 9am on Thursday — it takes her just about as long to get to my place from hers as it does to get to Grandpa and Grandma Cook’s house from mine. We packed up the Sportage (which Aaron had thoughtfully gassed up the night before), loaded up all our drinks and snacks and road entertainment, and headed out for an uneventful drive to Dayton.

Connor, of course, needed to potty about an hour into the trip, so First #1 was his first truck stop. His quotable upon entering: “It’s a store, too?!”

We arrived at Grandpa and Grandma Cook’s house at noon on the dot. (First #2: First visit to Grandpa and Grandma’s house.)

Visit to Dayton