July 2017 Weigh-In

I had a dream last night that I was planning to attend a Friday kickboxing class at the Fitness Center at my work, but I realized that the workout clothes in my bag were still dirty from the previous week’s workout. I considered working out in my dirty gear, but the idea of not having fresh underwear to change into after class (sorry, TMI) was enough to just make me skip kickboxing. I talked to the instructor, and she said she understood, but that I really need to start coming in and taking a class every Friday, no excuses. Then she apologized up and down for calling me out on it.

My brain speaks the truth. I need to hit up the Fitness Center more often, especially since I’m paying for it.

I’ve been doing better with getting out for walks (I’m listening to an audiobook I’m really enjoying), but I had conflicts for all but one of the classes I would have liked to attend — chiropractor appointment, hands-only CPR training, and then there were those couple days when my face was swollen from poison ivy.

Activity Calendar for July Blue = Walk

I haven’t blogged about the poison ivy yet, but the Reader’s Digest version is that my face swelled up and I had to hit up Urgent Care for steroids and antihistamines. My weight spiked over a couple of days from the prednisone, but came back down pretty quick, hence why the spike in my max weight didn’t really affect my median weight for the month.

July median weight ticked up a bit

That graph doesn’t look good.  (more…)

ROTFL NutriBot! I’ve lost 25.8 pounds on Weight Watchers. Not switching plans anytime soon. t.co/t8laq6aOiS

Oof. Up 2.6 lbs at this week’s #weightwatchers weigh-in. Didn’t track this weekend, so that might have been it. Also last night’s snacking.

Fun Day at Imagination Station

Connor and Mom at Imagination Station

We had an awesome time today! We went through the dinosaur exhibit (lots of animatronic dinos), made a brachiosaurus souvenir with the Mold-O-Matic, and hit up all of Connor’s favorite permanent exhibits, too, like the Distorted Gravity Room and the Farm 101 animatronic game show.

Same Old Story

A while back, I created a “depression” category for my blog and moved all my past relevant posts there. Since then, whenever I think about writing a post specifically about how my (undiagnosed) depression manifests itself, I go back and read some of the things I’ve already written, and then I kind of figure there’s no point in rewriting the same sad story a few months later.

That attitude is unhelpful, though, because 1.) I created the category partly to gauge how often I have these feelings, and 2.) writing and getting my thoughts out of my head is therapeutic for me the majority of the time.

Even so, the main way my depression manifests itself is a lack of interest in the things I usually enjoy — including writing. I don’t exactly have the best windows of time to freewrite, either: my brain is working best during the day, when I need to be devoting my brainpower to my paying job. By the time I have time to myself to write in the evenings, especially when I’m feeling blah like I am now — I’m done. It’s just not happening.

Today, I ended up tickety-tapping out some words here and there during my lunch and breaks. This needs to get out of my head. I need to recognize that I’m feeling all meh, talk some stuff out, and make sure this actually gets posted to my blog. (Unlike the few times I’ve felt like this and either started writing or thought about writing and then just gave up on it.)  (more…)

Connor’s First Eye Exam

Two weeks ago, Connor (age five-and-a-half) had his first trip to the eye doctor. We got him an appointment at the same doctor his dad and I have started seeing, with the intention of getting him in the habit of having a regular eye exam, since (given his heredity) he’s going to need glasses eventually.

Our appointment was first thing in the morning, before school. We got there and checked in at the front desk, and got paperwork to fill out and a buzzer for when they were ready for us. Once our buzzer went off in the waiting room (where we didn’t even wait long enough for me to finish the paperwork), one of the nurses took us back to get Connor’s history and give him a couple of screening tests. Then it was off to the exam room to hurry up and wait.

Waiting excitedly in the exam chair

I told him to look excited for the picture, but to be fair, he actually was.  (more…)