Weight Loss: The Best Side Effect Ever

I started practicing Krav Maga in mid-June. I started a prescription for ADHD meds in mid-July. From this graph, I’m drawing the conclusion that the meds made more of a difference than the martial arts:

Definite downward trend starting in July

Side effect or not, I’ll take it.

July mirror selfie versus October

I got back to my previously stable low weight (circa 2016) within four months of starting my new medication. I found that I just wasn’t as hungry as I was before, and that I was no longer letting food be a distraction from other tasks. My evening eating indiscretions practically disappeared, and my portions were smaller when I did eat.

My weight loss leveled off in November, and I’ve seen it start to climb back up a tiny bit so far this month. I’m looking at a few factors that might be causing this:

1.) I’ve finally figured out what hungry feels like now. It feels like a headache at first, then maybe I’ll get light-headed or shaky. I haven’t let my tank get that low for a few weeks; it’s not a great feeling.

2.) The short, overcast days of December are really getting to me, and I’m regressing to self-medication with carbohydrates and sugar and just not tracking it. LALALA IF I DON’T TRACK IT, IT DOESN’T COUNT — too bad calories don’t really work like that.

3.) I hesitate to “blame” the new WW Purple plan for my plateau, but I think it’s probably a part of it. Now that I can eat brown rice and whole grain pasta with impunity, I’m more likely to do so for my evening meal. This in combination with my sugary cheats means I’m eating more calories than I realize.

It’s not hard to get back on track. I just need to plan ahead, track everything, and accept the fact that I’ll probably continue to plateau or gain over the holidays (especially since I’ll be visiting my Mom in Florida).

I feel good overall, and I’m more comfortable in my skin now that I’ve lost that 15 pounds that crept up on me over the past few years. My ultimate goal weight is still 15 pounds away, though, and I’m still curious what that will look (and feel) like.

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