Birthday Terrarium

glass terrarium with air plants

My college roomie, Amy, sent me this classy terrarium from Gifted Glass Gardens for my birthday! It’s minimalist and exquisite at the same time, with black sand, preserved moss, Cholla wood, two air plants, a geode, and a chunk of pyrite.

Of course, all of the pieces came shipped in their own sealed bags or containers — thankfully, the terrarium came with assembly instructions and photos. It also came with care instructions for air plants, which I was also glad to see, as I didn’t realize air plants needed to be soaked in water weekly. That would explain why the one I had back in 2012 was so short-lived.

Thanks, Amy! You know me well. 🙂

One thought on “Birthday Terrarium

  1. It you notice them getting sort of crunchy (instead of bendy) even with the weekly soak, you can also give them a spritz with a spray bottle in the middle of the week. I often have to do it during the winter when the air inside the house is really dry.

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