Switching Things Up

August 2021 will be remembered in our home as the month that Dad moved to a different shift at work.

Spoiler: It didn’t agree with him, and he’s now back on his regular evening/night shift.

It was fun and different, though, and if there had been less workplace shenanigans involved, it might have been a good fit… eventually.

Things that were definitely on the positive side of the equation (from my point of view):

  • Not having to worry about waking Dad up in the mornings (because he left for work at 3:00am)
  • Choosing my daily outfit in the morning instead of the night before
  • Having Dad home for dinner and bedtime every night (not just on his days off)
  • Saturday morning garage sales!
  • Grocery shopping before lunch on Sundays instead of in the afternoon

There were an abundance of downsides, though, not the least of which being that Dad was basically jet-lagged for a few weeks in a row.

I think everyone involved will be glad for our routine to return to normal… including the next guy in line for the job.

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