Not Feeling It

Tired Selfie

Waiting for class. Jimmy John’s Unwich + grapes for dinner. Connor is done with his class and is playing his tablet in the back hallway. I’m sitting on the bench in the front lobby area, feeling tired after a day of intense problem-solving at work.

Not feeling like kicking butt tonight, but I know I’ll enjoy myself once I’m doing it.

Update, 9:30pm: Got sweaty, got to kick butt, and got my butt kicked. Good class (of course). Glad I went. Am now showered and chilling quietly with a snack before bed.

Yeah, yeah, that was good.

Another Black Stripe

Yellow belt stripe number one!

Earned the first stripe on my yellow belt last night! This is also my first stripe of Black Belt Training Club (BBTC), which is essentially my long-term commitment to Krav Maga.

I’m discovering that I’m in pretty decent shape for a middle-aged former fatty. I can get a round kick up to my opponent’s head level, and my flexibility and stamina are both improving.

Feeling pretty awesome.

Cardio Kickboxing: Level Up

Fitbit heart rate graph I’ve decided to back down to one Krav Maga class per week, since the classes can run past my son’s regular bedtime. Since the Fitness Center at my work had a Kickboxing class on the schedule for today, I decided to do that today and Krav on Wednesday.

I didn’t expect this class to kick my ass so hard. I used it as an opportunity to practice proper form — mostly pivoting on my back foot on crosses and hooks — but I hadn’t taken into account how FAST the moves happen. The cardio sections the instructor put in between drills and combos were my chance to lower my heart rate.

I was pleased to note how many of my Krav habits are automatic now: keeping my hands up by my face, pivoting on crosses and hooks, remembering to exhale (even if I don’t kiai), turning my foot sideways on a side kick, and managing to turn on the intensity when warranted — even if I’m beat and in danger of overheating.

I spent a good amount of time in a cold shower after class, cooling down my core.

I feel good right now, on several levels.

Krav Maga Selfie

2nd Degree White Belt

I earned my second stripe today! When I got home after class, my husband joked that I’m a second degree white belt now.

In one more month, I test for my yellow belt. Hope I can work up to ten full push-ups by then…