7 May 2001

Dan informs me that the reason I couldn’t access this account to update my little ol’ personal page for the last month is that my account was “hosed.” The nature of this hosing is unknown, but Dan also informs me that I am the only person who can hose my account. So, I done it, but I don’t know how…

The good news is: 1.) I’m moving out of the dorms forever on Friday; 2.) I now have a Power Macintosh 7100 with 15″ monitor to play with (instead of my IIsi with 13″ monitor); and 3.) I’m almost done with my incredible amounts of final projects.

Which means that I’ll soon be able to play with my personal page, and my new Super 8 toys. Until then, check out my photo portfolio. It’s pretty swank.

2 April 2001

For those of you who haven’t gotten to see “the rock” yet, I decided to post a couple of pics to satisfy the womenfolk out there. (Most of my menfolk friends don’t really seem to care what I’m wearing on my hand. Go figure.)

I haven’t really had the opportunity to give this page the attention I had originally intended. I guess ASP goodies will be added when I’m caught up on classwork and projects for my job… [sigh]

19 March 2001

The most incredible thing happened to me on Saturday the 10th. No, it wasn’t just me preparing for a stunning Spring Break in Parma, Ohio.

Aaron, my boyfriend of five years, proposed to me.

So… not only am I now a freelance Graphic Designer for my step-Gary’s company, CMM Specialists, but I’m also Aaron Schnuth’s fiancee.

Yeah… it may have been a less-than-perfect Spring Break, but at least I got to stare at my .38 carat rock for a week and think about my fiance…

8 March 2001

Dan says I was showing too much tongue in this picture, so I’ve changed the photo today so Dan won’t have to go get an RSAC rating for my site…

Soon I hope to have some asp running on the site, so I don’t have to actually change the rant and photo daily (or whenever I get around to it). Instead, I can just add some content to a file or directory somewhere and the content will magically update itself…

But not this week. Starting Friday, I’m on Spring Break. Booyah.

PS – If you’re looking at this page using Netscape on a Mac right now… it sucks to be you. Seriously, go turn off stylesheets or go under View->Increase Font Size. It’ll all be better someday. Promise.