Just Another Day…

Hey, for once I worked an 8-hour day! Yeah, we were doing so well that we actually took a one-hour lunch and everything. Just for reference, yesterday I worked a 14-hour day. Seriously. My co-worker and almost-supervisor, Loni, worked an hour and a half more than me, since she came in at 6am. Damn, that sucked. Makes the normal 8-hour day seem like a luxury instead of a burden.

OK, all you people who are still in college. All you people who hate your 8:30am classes. All you people who think your life is more tedious and horrible than anyone else’s. Who hate your 15-hour-a-week job. Who can’t wait to graduate and get the hell out of school. Yeah, you. I’ve got an update for you. You have it MADE. You have about, what, three to five hours of the day max that you have to spend in class? Then go to your job for about three hours, if you’re part time? I remember that. I didn’t realize how cool it was, either.

Late this August, as I was hopping the cab to work, I saw all the collegians trudging to campus for their first day back to school. The only thing I wanted to do just then was to jump out of the cab and be in college again. Go to class, then come home an hour later and nap. Play on my computer. Go to class again. Go take some photos. IM with friends. Walk up to Timmay’s room and see his latest tech-toy. –Seems a little counterproductive, my fantasy, since I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in December 2001.

Nothing like dreaming of the past while rushing for the future.

Blog Begins

I’m just getting my new personal site up and running, and figured what the hell. Might as well hop on the blogging bandwagon. I mean, I knew about these crazy insano people who felt like they needed to update the world on their life’s progress, but until Sheryl pointed me toward her page, I didn’t know it had a name. Then it occured to me that the few people who would actually read this page might give a damn about what’s going on in my life. So, I’m devoting my blog to weird, random shit that goes on that doesn’t fall into one of my other categories.

Just as a general update: as of 5:15pm or so today, the only functioning sections of the.details are the wedding info and the blog. I’m hoping to get some more going before long, but I’ve still gotta do laundry with Aaron and do some general cleaning today. Working 12-hour days kinda puts a cramp in my webbing style during the week, although this new cable internet is making me awfully happy.

Today’s music clip: Candy Ass by The Dirtbombs [4.3MB]

7 May 2001

Dan informs me that the reason I couldn’t access this account to update my little ol’ personal page for the last month is that my account was “hosed.” The nature of this hosing is unknown, but Dan also informs me that I am the only person who can hose my account. So, I done it, but I don’t know how…

The good news is: 1.) I’m moving out of the dorms forever on Friday; 2.) I now have a Power Macintosh 7100 with 15″ monitor to play with (instead of my IIsi with 13″ monitor); and 3.) I’m almost done with my incredible amounts of final projects.

Which means that I’ll soon be able to play with my personal page, and my new Super 8 toys. Until then, check out my photo portfolio. It’s pretty swank.

2 April 2001

For those of you who haven’t gotten to see “the rock” yet, I decided to post a couple of pics to satisfy the womenfolk out there. (Most of my menfolk friends don’t really seem to care what I’m wearing on my hand. Go figure.)

I haven’t really had the opportunity to give this page the attention I had originally intended. I guess ASP goodies will be added when I’m caught up on classwork and projects for my job… [sigh]