Mugging Out at the Playground

Cosina CX-2 Test
[Taken 1 October 2016]

This was the last frame from the maiden voyage of the Cosina CX-2, precursor to the Lomo LC-A. Expect an actual in-depth review sometime soon, but the tl;dr version is that Lomo did a pretty good job of copying this camera, for the most part, but the Cosina feels a bit more reliable.

I haven’t taken my Lomo for a spin for a good seven years or so, mainly because if I want a compact film camera that can be fully automatic, I’ll just take the Olympus XA — and I rarely want that high-contrast “Lomo” look about my photos these days. The Cosina, though… it has all the charm of my LC-A with none of the fuss. It might get some time to shine.

Just Right

Just light enough
For me to still pick him up
And carry him up the stairs
On my hip

Just tall enough
That his head
Lays on my shoulder
Just so

Just young enough
To still want to cuddle
With his mommy
Before bed

I want to bottle these moments
Freeze them in time
Put them in an album
So I can relive these perfect hugs
When his lanky limbs have grown
Beyond carrying

Six Years and a Lifetime Ago

Just for fun, I launch up the Timehop app pretty much daily, just to see what I posted to social media on this day in years past. Today, as I was scrolling through photos of my son, tweets about weight loss and running, and photos of snow, I swiped to see this face staring back at me, with the one-word caption, “Worried.”


It was a feeling I remembered well. It was the day I learned I was pregnant. (more…)

Happy Chinese New Year!

Connor with an oversized chocolate coin

Connor’s favorite server at the dim sum restaurant gave him two chocolate coins for the Lunar New Year today. Connor remembered that he’d gotten an envelope with a dollar in it last year, and hoped he’d get another surprise this year, too.

I think he liked this surprise better. 🙂

Harper’s Birthday Card

Connor holding his homemade card

Connor and I had so much fun making a birthday card for his friend Harper on Saturday! We put Pusheen kitty stamps on the front, along with block letters in colors she would like. Then Connor asked for a reference picture for BB8 to draw on the inside, so I Googled one for him. He did the drawing and I did the coloring. Then he found an instant photo of our house and drew on it: him giving a flower to Harper, with a speech bubble saying, “I love you, Harper,” with fireworks in the sky. Signed, “To Harper, From Connor.”

Harper and her parents thought the card was totally awesome. We were glad she also liked her presents: a “talking” BB8, a BB8 marshmallow treat, and a Frozen book with stickers, all in a reusable Star Wars tote bag. Connor searched Toys R Us to find something she’d like, and I think he did a great job.